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Andrew Lynn

Clare's Healing Journey - QUANTUM ENERGY HEALING - with Andrew Lynn The last decade, Andrew has been on a journey of healing and growing and is happy to be able to say he is out on the other side. But he could have never done it, without the right tools and support from others. Bio In my 20’s I had a successful

Andrew Lynn2022-02-10T09:55:22+00:00

Chris Masterjohn PhD

Clare talks with American Expert Chris Masterjohn PhD who has a PhD in Nutritional Sciences about CV19, and his views through his observation and experience.  Over the next several weeks, Chris is taking time off from finishing his book to  devote his analytical skills to critical questions around COVID risks, vaccine safety and efficacy, and the full spectrum of vaccine alternatives, due to the imminent massive

Chris Masterjohn PhD2022-02-10T09:38:59+00:00

Ayanda Phakati

Clare chats with Ayanda Phakati is a 32 year old business woman and world traveller. Ayanda Phakati is a prophetic minister whose aim is to take the nation of Africa into transformation. She believes that the heart of the people need to experience more encounters with the Living God, and so, she has committed her life to this cause. Her prophetic accuracy is more

Ayanda Phakati2022-02-10T09:22:47+00:00

Dr Neu & Dr Palevsky

Clare chats with American experts, Dr. Lawrence Pavlevsky M.D and Dr. James Neueschwander M.D about mRNA Injection ingredients and Natural Immunity. Clare chats with American experts Dr. Larry Pavlevsky M.D  and Dr. James Neueschwander M.D about mRNA injection ingredients, the unknown facts that raise further questions through their observation and expertise. Discussing the science behind their questions and the fact mass censorship of the

Dr Neu & Dr Palevsky2022-02-10T09:03:45+00:00


Clare has a catch up with Ella about the Hampstead case Links from discussion www.HampsteadExposed.com


Geza Tarjanyi

Clare talks with Geza Tarjanyi who served Sajid Javid's daughter at his home address today 3rd January 2022, and wanted to get arrested to have his day in court, and the police did just that. Guest Speakers Geza Tarjanyi Links from discussion https://www.gezatarjanyi.co.uk/

Geza Tarjanyi2022-02-03T19:36:32+00:00

Dr Irina Mladenova & Dr Ahmed Malik

Clare, Dr Irina Mladenova & Dr Ahmed Malik have a discussion about medical ethics, informed consent & the failure of the NHS Guest Speakers Dr Irina Mladenova & Dr Ahmed Malik Links from discussion https://t.me/togetherdeclaration https://togetherdeclaration.org

Dr Irina Mladenova & Dr Ahmed Malik2022-02-03T19:16:28+00:00

Dave Sharp

Clare & Dave Sharp talk about the ongoing fight to protect the children from the Establishment including the Catholic Church Guest Speaker Dave Sharp Instagram @davesharp59 Email: Davesharp1@hotmail.co.uk

Dave Sharp2022-02-03T19:03:34+00:00

Danny Rampling

Clare talks to Danny Rampling about the campaign and freedom of choice. Guest Speaker Danny Rampling https://togetherdeclaration.org https://nhs100k.com https://gettr.com/user/dannyr1 https://www.instagram.com/dannyrampling/

Danny Rampling2022-02-03T18:38:57+00:00
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