Dr Neu & Dr Palevsky

Clare chats with American experts, Dr. Lawrence Pavlevsky M.D and Dr. James Neueschwander M.D about mRNA Injection ingredients and Natural Immunity. Clare chats with American experts Dr. Larry Pavlevsky M.D  and Dr. James Neueschwander M.D about mRNA injection ingredients, the unknown facts that raise further questions through their observation and expertise. Discussing the science behind their questions and the fact mass censorship of the

Dr Neu & Dr Palevsky2022-02-10T09:03:45+00:00

Geza Tarjanyi

Clare talks with Geza Tarjanyi who served Sajid Javid's daughter at his home address today 3rd January 2022, and wanted to get arrested to have his day in court, and the police did just that. Guest Speakers Geza Tarjanyi Links from discussion https://www.gezatarjanyi.co.uk/

Geza Tarjanyi2022-02-03T19:36:32+00:00

Dr Irina Mladenova & Dr Ahmed Malik

Clare, Dr Irina Mladenova & Dr Ahmed Malik have a discussion about medical ethics, informed consent & the failure of the NHS Guest Speakers Dr Irina Mladenova & Dr Ahmed Malik Links from discussion https://t.me/togetherdeclaration https://togetherdeclaration.org

Dr Irina Mladenova & Dr Ahmed Malik2022-02-03T19:16:28+00:00

Danny Rampling

Clare talks to Danny Rampling about the campaign and freedom of choice. Guest Speaker Danny Rampling https://togetherdeclaration.org https://nhs100k.com https://gettr.com/user/dannyr1 https://www.instagram.com/dannyrampling/

Danny Rampling2022-02-03T18:38:57+00:00

AJ Roberts

Interview with AJ Roberts about his high performance Podcasts where he interviews ordinary people doing extra ordinary things, cutting through the BS to make things happen.

AJ Roberts2022-02-10T09:05:08+00:00

Dr Sam White & Carl

Clare talks with Dr. Sam White & Carl Jones Carl Jones a concerned Parent who took on his Daughters school over mask safety

Dr Sam White & Carl2022-02-03T18:11:24+00:00

Dr Sam White

Clare talks with Dr. Sam White about the ongoing pandemic fraud and Dr. Sams personal experience and expertise, that have allowed him to see through the lies which have led him to be part of a fantastic team of Lawyers and Experts, that are legally holding the government to account.

Dr Sam White2022-02-03T18:12:35+00:00

Reach Out

Reach out to Clare if your struggling ? Email: Voicehumanity@protonmail.com Find us on: https://t.me/greatbritishbird

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Exposing Pfizer

Exposing Pfizer Pfizer Scientists: ‘Your [COVID] Antibodies are Probably Better than the [Pfizer] Vaccination’ "We’re Like Bred And Taught to be Like “Vaccine is Safer Than Actually Getting Covid.” “Our Organization is Run on Covid Money Now”

Exposing Pfizer2022-02-03T10:05:50+00:00
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