About me

Hello my name is Toni Mortimer

Qualified Hypnotherapist & Age Regressionist Dip.A.Hyp
Past Life Regressionist Dip.Hyp.PL
Life Between Life Life Therapist Dip.Hyp.LBL
Future Life Progessionist Dip.Hyp.FLP

I am also a Reiki Master having qualified over 10 years ago combines a good healing modality to hypnotherapy clients where I am able to help them gently transmute their old energies into renewed forms to assist them on their way to the next phase of their journey of life.


Who I trained with

I was very fortune to be trained by Karen E Wells a very experienced hypnotherapist who herself was taught by Dr. Michael Newton.  It was very important to me to find the right person who held a deep profound understand on the subject.  I felt very privileged to have been past on her expertise and experience.  

I can make a difference now….  and help those seeking life changes…

Explore your mind & heal your soul

Hypnotherapy can be extrodinarily powerful
and an effective tool in promoting
personal growth & healing

Reaching the sub-conscious mind is where these positive changes take place and where afterwards the client notices profound positive ways in the way their lives have stepped forward to life’s rewards.

Each and every one of us has their own insecurities, habits, etc.. but some times life is so fast that we never really get round to dealing with ourselves from within…. and it is not until … we hit crisis point we realise … that is exactly what we need to do…

This journey however, is no coincidence, our soul is the director in our life’s journey on this earth…where our ultimate goal is to live the life we have chosen..which is to operate from our souls authenticity in this life time…

In order to do this we need to release old energies and old patterns of behaviour that no longer serve us. Humans are habitual creatures and so letting go is not an easy task ..

some habits may have stayed with us … from past lives serving us no purpose in this life time… some energies from that time continue to effect us in this life time… leaving you feeling stuck… not really being able to move forward and not really knowing why?……

This is where Hypnotherapy works well.. it is a gentle form of therapy where I as your therapist would help you reach your authentic you from deep within your soul
allowing you to release the old and embrace the new!

Most of us are unaware that Astrology is a map of our past life what role
we may have played previously and what we are likely to
have worked on in this lifetime

The facinating thing about astrology is it clearly indicates what
we have come here to learn in this life time and what we
need to let go and the path we need to focus on in order
to full fill our chosen desires whilst here on earth

Astrology can help you step in and see how
your past life resonates with you.

For sure you will have reincarnated with past life energies
some of which are tools you will need here and are positive
for your growth and some are meant to be used
as experience via our many life times of evolution.

However, humans tend to migrate towards familiar energy
even when it is detremental & hinders growth & well being
yet they stay with it because it feels safe and it is not
until they reach a certain point in our lives that
it becomes apparent this energy was meant as a navigator
pushing them to shed this next layer in order for
new skin to emerge where they can feel renewed

Since we are habitual creatures it is natural to resist change but once
this is embranced through full understanding
of mind, body and spirit assimulation …
only at that point will we let go
of these energies and forward motion
is achieved which lead to new experiences
thus creathing a pathway to our blueprint

Astrology can really help you know who you are at
soul level and what area of your here to focus on

Understanding who you are is key… as is Why…
you have re-occuring patterns… looking at ingrained energies
from previous life times through hypnotherapy
can be really liberating. Being a gental modality it has been found
to unlock and release negative patterns and energies far easier
enabling most clients to feel the effects quickly which means
they can begin to follow their bliss!


Confidence Issues, Phobias, Eating Disorders, Depression, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, IBS, Stress,
Sexual Problems, Weight, Smoking, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Fear of Flying, Relationship Issues

These are just a few of the many things Hypnotherapy can help you overcome so if you need help with some other problem that is affecting your daily life please contact me where I am able then to assess whether I can help you.

Also remember you may simply want to know who you were in a Past Life for curiosity….. what ever the reason contact me to discuss the right therapy for you…because making the first step is a sign your moving forward.


In the main we would all like a little guidance as to what is in store for us for the year, the month, the week…. well astrology and the planets and stars going back to the Babylonians Greeks and Egyptians where astrology was first studied and discovered has meant that we now know that these planets and stars do play a part and is used to predic events and plan for events just like farmers used the moon cycles to sow their crops we use astrology today to predic political outcomes etc…. astrology on a personal level can help you plan ahead when it is best to say .. apply for that new job… or move house… or get married… Astrology can also look at relationship synastry and compatability … do you want to see if he/she is the one…. have a compatability chart drawn and see how well you both fit… or have your Solar Return Chart drawn up it is done from one birthday to the next it will give you transits for that year and how it will affect you , what to avoid and what to go for… it is a great chart to refer back to throughout the year.

You will need your Time of Birth as well as your place of birth for any of these charts… If you are not sure of your time of birth I can do what is called a Rectification Chart to try and obtain an accurate birth time…. All charts ordered are emailed to you with Mp3 recording explaining the chart and your personal map.

Natal Birth Chart(will show PL)
Relationship Compatability (Synastry)
Solar Return
Saturn Return
Electional Chart (best time to go ahead with an activity)