We are frustrated. We are fed up. We want the ones silenced for so long to finally be heard. 

Clare & her team have decided to start humanities voice, a show where women and men can come and finally be heard. It’s a show for the ones who survived the horrors of Human Trafficking, for the ones who survived abuse at the hands of people who were supposed to be protectors but they were perpetrators. 

Clare has used her own money & sacrificed her own time to combat that of Human Trafficking. She is being trained to assist in her extractions. 

Clare and her team believe it’s the time these survivors to be heard. It’s time to hear these humans who have been silenced for too long. Welcome to Humanities Voice 

Confidential Emails

We want everyone to help fight this, and the email addresses below are confidential emails. If you wish to discuss any issues we are raising on this website, please contact us – we are here to help.


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